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FFXIV – Free Character Signature Generator
Sunday, 10 Oct, 2010 – 19:58 | 51 Comments
FFXIV – Free Character Signature Generator

I’m slowly working my way through FFXIV Online and I remembered something important!  You can’t play a MMO without a signature that shows your character name, class, server, and guild name!  The good folks over …

FFXIV – The 5 Races of Eorzea
Sunday, 10 Oct, 2010 – 15:14 | No Comment
FFXIV – The 5 Races of Eorzea

I finally installed FFXIV Online last night!  It took longer then I expected with the silly clickandbuy registration process.  Even though the clickandbuy process was annoying I still like it better then the old FFXI …

FFXIV – In Game Opening Movie
Friday, 8 Oct, 2010 – 14:57 | No Comment

Just finished installing FFXIV Online and checked out the opening movie for the first time.  It was excellent just as I expected and I loved it.  I don’t have time to actually play it right …

FFXIV – It’s Finally Here!
Friday, 8 Oct, 2010 – 1:42 | No Comment
FFXIV – It’s Finally Here!

I pre-ordered the Final Fantasy XIV Online collector’s edition and didn’t even get a chance to crack it open until today.  I completely missed the beta and the early launch but that’s how life is …

Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, and ETC.
Thursday, 18 Feb, 2010 – 23:04 | One Comment
Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, and ETC.

Time sure flies when you aren’t gaming.  I use to think the exact opposite.  It’s amazing how you can spend an entire lifetime gaming then feel like a complete stranger after a few months off.  …

FFXI Long Time No See!
Thursday, 22 Oct, 2009 – 17:43 | 2 Comments
FFXI Long Time No See!

Wow, has it been two months already?  I was in the process of moving and didn’t realize how fast time flies.  LOL.  Not much going on with me I just recently finished moving.  It was …