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FFXIV Three 1.0 Fails

Submitted by on Saturday, 3 November 2012No Comment

With the final days of FFXIV 1.0 upon us it’s time to reflect on these 2 past years.  I really don’t even know where to start.  Even with all the disappointments that plagued FFXIV at release I sincerely believe SE is headed in the right direction with 2.0.  When FFXIV was first released SE tried to revolutionize the concepts of MMOs with their new ideas.  Unfortunately, everything didn’t go as planned.  These new concepts and changes didn’t go over well with the player base and halted FFXIV’s progress into the mainstream.  One thing I have always said about FFXIV in the earlier days was, “You know it’s bad when I don’t even want to play for free.”  I wouldn’t say the game was a complete mess at launch but it was pretty bad.  Let’s take a look back and see some of the pitfalls that turned away players during FFXIV’s launch.

  • Simple Grouping Options – SE really dropped the ball on this one.  In FFXI Online seeking and building a party was extremely easy.  You simply flag up or search through the player database to compose a party.  This wasn’t the case when FFXIV was launched.  Rather then using a simple grouping option SE wanted you to stand in town /shouting in a non Global channel to create parties.  How you can release a MMO that doesn’t make grouping up with other players a focal point?
  • No Auction House – I still don’t understand why FFXIV didn’t launch or till this day utilize an Auction House for trading.  It’s not like this is a new concept.  Auction houses have always been a huge moving force in any MMO’s economy.  Instead of implementing an Auction House SE wanted us to sell our items on retainers that vendor our wares for us.   So if you wanted to sell an item you would place it on your retainer and then place them in one of several designated locations.  After that all you can do is hope a player would search for that item on your retainer through hundreds of other retainers.  This system made buying and selling a very time consuming process.  A lot of players like myself would rather vendor our items then go through this process to sell our wares.  The retainer system sounds good in theory but would have been more useful in additional to an Auction House.
  • High System Requirements –  When FFXIV was released it pushed the limits of most gamer rigs.  Even my old system at the time barely managed to get a score of 1200 on the FFXIV benchmark test.  I built that system from scratch and it ran everything I threw at it until FFXIV.   If you are not familiar with the benchmark scores then I’ll go over them briefly.  A score of 1500+ meant low,  2500+ standard, and 3000+ low high performance.  Luckily for me with a few minor upgrades like memory and a new graphics card I managed to bump my score up to 2200.  It only cost me about $200-250 at the time but FFXIV was playable at below standard quality.  Due to the high requirements a lot of players either were not able to play or just couldn’t stomach the lower performance on their rigs.  I played for about one year before I decided to build a new rig that cost about $600ish.  With my new rig I was able to reach a score of 3400 and was finally able to enjoy FFXIV.

These are just three of the failures that stood out to me when FFXIV was launched.  Before you we continue though I just wanted to say that these issues will be corrected in 2.0.  That’s the good news, the bad news is that they waited over 2 years to correct these issues.  I still have high hopes for FFXIV and if everything goes well… I will see you there.


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