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About Me

Welcome to and thank you reading my blog! I created this blog in September of 2008. When I first decided to create a blog it was mainly to showcase my Web Comic ideas. However, this blog turned into so much more over time. I enjoyed writing about different aspects of games and situations in my life. I wrote guides on things that I experienced and reviews on products that I owned or used in the past. It worked out pretty well because people actually enjoyed reading about it. So here I am today.

I have been an amateur MMO gamer for several years. I played Diablo 2, Counter Strike, Final Fantasy Online, and World of Warcraft. I am currently playing Warhammer Online so the majority of the stuff you will see here will be based on that game. I also write about stuff that I am currently trying with my blog, like for example, advertising partners, wordpress plugins, and etc. I have a broad sense of humor so sometimes I post articles about things that pop up in my head. The content you read here will change as I change. So who knows what to expect from Pwnsan.com. I hope you enjoy your stay and if you don’t thanks for stopping by! See ya, maybe one day we’ll meet on the battlefield.

– Pwnsan pwnsan@hotmail.com

Currently Playing Final Fantasy XI,
Pwnsan (Cleric) – Odin Server