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Site FAQ

When did you start Pwnsan.com?
I started this site on September 10, 2008.

I noticed you post as Pwnsan (Orcsama), are you siamese twins typing on one keyboard?
Sorry no, although I wished I had an extra pair of hands.  Orcsama was the original name I selected for my Destruction character, but at release I decided to go with Order so I changed my name to Pwnsan.  I used Pwnsan in other MMOs that I played in the past.

What does Pwnsan mean?
I’m a big fan of Japanese Anime.  So I like to include some Japanese in my gaming characters.  “San” typically is a polite/respectful way of saying Mr. or Mrs. in Japanese.  If you don’t know what “Pwn” means then you need to go outside more because you are not a gamer but a nooblet.

What exactly is the purpose of Pwnsan.com?
The purpose of this site is to spread joy and peace to the world… not haha.  I just created this site as a hobby.  The direction of this site changes as I change.  Right now I’m playing Warhammer Online so the content you will see mainly be based on that.

I think you have good site, may I work here or submit work here?
If you have talent and have great ideas, I would suggest you create a site of your own.  That way you can creatively mold your work into something much more then it would become on my site.  I’ll even add you to my Friends Page, just send me an e-mail.

I noticed you have ads on the site, how come you support X?
Although I do have the ability to filter the ads, I choose not to.  This is the Internet, I love being on it because of the freedom of choice and words.  It’s up to the viewer to decide whether or not to support an ad by clicking on it.  The only ads I do filter out are the X-Rated ones, because I want to keep the site work safe and girlfriend safe.  My girlfriend is an Elite Champion IRL so I don’t want to get one shoted.  Oh damn, she’s looking at me I better move on to the next question.

How do I get in contact with you?
You’ll need at least 20 candles, goats blood, 22 year old breast milk, lions tooth, and an e-mail account.  You can contact me via the form on my Contact Me page or just send an e-mail to pwnsan@hotmail.com.  I’ll try to respond ASAP but sometimes it takes me awhile to farm 22 year old breast milk IRL.  They say Ebay has everything but they were wrong.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Go die in a fire IRL.

May I use some of the Content on your site?
Yes, just make sure you credit me.  Also, don’t go copying the entire site and pasting it on yours.  I will find you and beat you with my keyboard and then tie you up with my mouse.  Don’t even ask what I’ll do if I bring my speakers along.