Clash Royale Twinking Intro
Mon, 13/11/17 – 1:34 | No Comment

I’ve been playing Clash Royale for some time now.  I have two F2P accounts.  One account is level 12 and the other is 11.  I run a mortar/goblin deck on both accounts and stay above …

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FFXIV 2.0 Ui Pics & Info
Fri, 12/10/12 – 2:07 | One Comment
FFXIV 2.0 Ui Pics & Info

I saw some interesting info regarding Final Fantasy 2.0 today over at the official forums. I thought I would post it here to help spread the word. You can see the details below …

FFXIV Giving Up 90% in ARR
Thu, 11/10/12 – 5:29 | One Comment

Looks like Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 players will lose 90% of their wealth once 2.0 goes live. In a recent announcement from SE, due to extensive changes, the monetary system will be rebalanced in …

FFXIV Poor Grinding System
Wed, 28/03/12 – 1:50 | One Comment

After hearing about the many wonderful changes to Final Fantasy Online XIV, I couldn’t help but to reactivate my account. I can’t exactly remember when I cancelled my account but the fact that …

FFXiV Server Mergers & Patch 1.21a
Fri, 23/03/12 – 4:15 | No Comment

At the following time, we will be performing maintenance on FINAL FANTASY XIV to implement patch 1.21a. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XIV will be unavailable.
Character Names
After the merge and transfer, if two or more …

FFXI Feb Version Update
Mon, 13/02/12 – 10:01 | No Comment

Final Fantasy Online servers are down today from 9:00 to 11:00 (PST).  This patch looks pretty interesting.  There’s so many changes I can’t really post it here.  You can check out some of the incoming …

FFXI Limit Break 10
Sun, 5/02/12 – 1:12 | No Comment

I just finished the last limit break for FFXI and boy am I happy. I got extremely lucky because I only have a Paladin and a White Mage at level 95. Those two …