Clash Royale Twinking Intro
Mon, 13/11/17 – 1:34 | No Comment

I’ve been playing Clash Royale for some time now.  I have two F2P accounts.  One account is level 12 and the other is 11.  I run a mortar/goblin deck on both accounts and stay above …

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Rift RIFT 1.4.1 Hot Fix #2
Thu, 1/09/11 – 9:36 | No Comment
Rift RIFT 1.4.1 Hot Fix #2

RIFT 1.4.1 Hot Fix #2 – 09/01/11
*We’ve made a series of changes to Valor rewards and have introduced a new PvP Stat called “Vengeance” please click here for the full details.
*Valor has been …

Rift Valor & Vengeance Update
Thu, 1/09/11 – 7:32 | One Comment
Rift Valor & Vengeance Update

Posted by, Elrar @ 9.11.11 0211
Rift Community Manager
Please read the following thoroughly, afterwards we invite you to share your feedback and questions below – thanks in advance for staying constructive!
Hi all,
As we outlined yesterday, we’re …

Rift Major Changes to PvP Gear
Wed, 31/08/11 – 13:50 | One Comment
Rift Major Changes to PvP Gear

PvP Gear Improvements – Now with a touch of Vengeance!
Posted by Elrar on 31 August 2011
Categories: From the Dev Team, Game Updates, Hot Fixes, News & Announcements.
They say Vengeance is a dish best served cold …

Rift Half-Birthday Event 1.4.1
Thu, 25/08/11 – 5:23 | No Comment
Rift Half-Birthday Event 1.4.1

* Join us in celebrating 6 months of the Ascended in Telara! Everyone is welcome – bring your friends, bring your family, RIFT is open to all with a …

Rift PvP Exploiters Roll Back
Tue, 23/08/11 – 10:10 | 2 Comments
Rift PvP Exploiters Roll Back

It looks like Trion is finally taking action on players that recently exploited a game mechanic in Rift. No official statement has been released by Trion but action has been taken in the form …

Rift A Tankless Job
Mon, 22/08/11 – 20:55 | No Comment
Rift A Tankless Job

After grinding my way to Prestige Rank 5, I decided to take a little breather and give Rift’s PvE a shot. Although I play Rift solely for the PvP I don’t mind mixing it …