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Rift Cleric PvP DPS Build Inquistcar 1.5
Monday, 26 Sep, 2011 – 0:50 | 8 Comments
Rift Cleric PvP DPS Build Inquistcar 1.5

This is a ranged Cleric DPS PvP Inquistcar build with AoE and minor self/support healing capabilities. I like this build because it has decent out lasting power and survivability in World/Group PvP. It’s also a …

Rift Patch 1.5 PTS Notes Update
Thursday, 15 Sep, 2011 – 5:40 | No Comment
Rift Patch 1.5 PTS Notes Update

For the cumulative changes on PTS with the build on Monday, 9/12/11, 9:00pm PDT:
PTS ONLY NOTE: Additional Experience and Prestige are being granted on PTS to help with testing the Planar Attunement system. Have …

Rift Patch 1.5 PTS Notes
Sunday, 11 Sep, 2011 – 12:31 | One Comment
Rift Patch 1.5 PTS Notes

There’s a lot of changes coming up in Rift 1.5 but unfortunately only the notes below are officially listed. Rift 1.5 will bring a new self improvement system called, Planar Attunement for level 50’s. …

Rift Valor & Vengeance Update
Thursday, 1 Sep, 2011 – 7:32 | One Comment
Rift Valor & Vengeance Update

Posted by, Elrar @ 9.11.11 0211
Rift Community Manager
Please read the following thoroughly, afterwards we invite you to share your feedback and questions below – thanks in advance for staying constructive!
Hi all,
As we outlined yesterday, we’re …

Rift A Tankless Job
Monday, 22 Aug, 2011 – 20:55 | No Comment
Rift A Tankless Job

After grinding my way to Prestige Rank 5, I decided to take a little breather and give Rift’s PvE a shot. Although I play Rift solely for the PvP I don’t mind mixing it …

Aion Beta Weekend #4 – Yada Yada
Sunday, 19 Jul, 2009 – 17:26 | 2 Comments
Aion Beta Weekend #4 – Yada Yada

I finally went down to my local Game Stop and picked up my Aion beta key.  I haven’t really followed Aion much so I didn’t know much about it.  I asked the guy behind the …