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New Warhammer Online Pre Patch 1.1a Notes
Thursday, 11 Dec, 2008 – 0:15 | One Comment
New Warhammer Online Pre Patch 1.1a Notes

Waaagh!  Well it looks like the War Herald released a Pre Patch 1.1a announcement today.  This Thursday (12.11.08), Patch 1.1a will be released.  This is suppose to be the big oRvR patch everybody has been …

New Warhammer Online Customer Poll Out.
Friday, 5 Dec, 2008 – 23:10 | No Comment
New Warhammer Online Customer Poll Out.

There’s a new Warhammer Online Customer Poll floating around.  Here are some the questions for those of you that are interested.  See ya on the battlefield!
We’re thrilled you decided to join us on the battlefields …

Warhammer Online Heavy Metal Live Event
Friday, 14 Nov, 2008 – 10:38 | 2 Comments
Warhammer Online Heavy Metal Live Event

Early this morning Mythic released a special Edition Grab Bag for the upcoming Warhammer Online Heavy Metal Live Event.  It is just a basic simple FAQ they created to help speed things along when the event …

Witching Night is Live!
Wednesday, 29 Oct, 2008 – 10:21 | No Comment

Servers are back up for the first live Warhammer Holiday event!  Just a reminder this event will end on November 2nd.  These are the areas where you can participate in the public PQs.  I’m hopping …

It’s Offical, Two New(Old) Classes!
Wednesday, 29 Oct, 2008 – 8:58 | No Comment

Looks like Mythic finally annouced the new classes coming this December!  Blackguard and Knight of the Blazing Sun.  They are also giving players a chance to play these new classes a week before the release …

Game Update 1.0.4
Tuesday, 28 Oct, 2008 – 17:30 | No Comment

Woot!  The new patch notes are out.  Looks like the coming server transfers will be from Low to Med Population servers.  I can’t wait.  Playing on a borderline Low population server really sucks.
Game Update 1.0.4 …